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Helpful Forms

Helpful Forms

Required Hypertension Reports

If you are taking any blood pressure medications, you will need to have your treating physician write a report. If your doctor will write a letter on your behalf, please provide him or her with the “Hypertension Protocol” so that a proper report can be generated. Please note that it MUST be typed! Handwritten letters are not acceptable!

If your doctor is not inclined to write a formal report, it may be in your best interests to simply print off the appropriate worksheet and have your doctor fill it out. Please make sure that the writing is legible, that it is dated, has your name on it, that the address is included, and that the doctor signs it.


MedXpress can save you time and simplify your FAA Medical Application process!

In an effort to continually improve our service to you, the staff and doctors at Aviation Medical Services of Alaska are encouraging pilots to use MedXpress.

All you need is an internet connection, an email address, set up a password, and you can fill out the FAA 8500-8 (flight physical application form) in the convenience of your own home! You will need to bring the confirmation number to your AME, and it would be helpful to provide a printed copy of your application as well. This is the first step in an ongoing effort by the FAA to eventually have a paperless system for all flight physical processes. We are not there yet, but we are dedicated to helping make it happen. Try it, and let us know what you think!

USGS Coast Guard and FMCSA Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Medical Examinations

Aviation Medical Services offers Coast Guard and Commercial Motor Vehicle physicals by FMCSA certified physicians.

Starting May 2014, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires physicians offering Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver medical examinations (also known as CDL exams) to be trained and certified to provide these evaluations.

No longer are these important evaluations allowed to be performed by non-certifiedfmcsa-logo doctors. Our FMCSA – certified physicians are happy to provide this service to you at a reasonable cost and convenient schedule – including some evenings and Saturdays.